Monday, June 13, 2011

19 Months

The girls are doing great! They both weigh 22lbs(ish) and are at about the 10-20 percentile on the growth chart. They still struggle with reflux and textures but every day is a little better than the day before. I have a video posted that is of Adalyn sitting in her highchair jabbering at Emma. Enjoy!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Some Pictures

Here are some current pictures of the girls, the babies that they are holding are wearing the girls first outfits.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Thats right, both Adalyn and Emma are walking! Life is getting busy! They also love to stand and dance as they watch Praise Baby or play with their toys. Emma is very good at climbing all the way to the top of the stairs before Abi or I even notice she is gone and is very well practiced at keepng us on our toes. Adalyn can also climb the stairs but she is much more cautious. The girls are at the 20% on the growth chart but have had minimal weight gain over the last 8 weeks so Dr. G. has them on a high calorie diet and we need to check their weight again in a couple weeks. The girls have also decided that they are done with bottles, so we don't have to worry about weening them off. They eat some table foods (cheerios, muffins, mashed patatoes, frosting, yogurt, and pudding) but are mostly on baby food yet because their reflux causes them to be gaggy and particular about textures. Both girls are waving and saying hi, they lift their arms above their heads when you ask them how big they are, they love to give us hugs and kisses when we ask for them. They both also say "all yunn" (all done) at the end of each meal. Emma has an adorable way of saying "nigh nigh" when she is tired. Adalyn is a little more vocal than Emma and is also saying down, ball, block and baby. Probably the cutest thing in the world is when they kiss eachother, several times a day they randomly crawl or walk over to eachother and kiss! They love eachother and will play for a couple hours a day all by themsevles and they love to jabber back and forth to eachother. They are great at sharing and rarely get upset when the other steals a toy from them. They both have 6 teeth and have been handling the teething process very well. They sleep about 11 hours at night and take two 1 hour naps during the day. Thank you for all of your prayers! I hope that our girls are a testament to GOD's awesome power and HIS willingness to preform miracles. Sorry that we have been bad bloggers but we do appreciate your support.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Long Overdue

It has been a long time since we have updated the blog with how Adalyn & Emma are doing. Well things are going great. We are so thankful & praise God for their progress. On November 5th, 2010 we celebrated their first birthday which was an enjoyable and emotional time for us. Recalling what we went through November 5, 2009 and the joy and the fear we felt that day as we welcomed our 2 little 1 lb 15 oz princesses into this world. At their appoitment for their first birthday Adalyn weighed 19lbs 7oz and was 28 inches long and Emma weighed 19lbs 6.5 ounces and was 28 1/4 inches long. The girls are jabbering up a storm, crawling like maniacs (Emma traditional crawl, Adalyn has a super army crawl). Emma pulls herself up to her knees on everything and to her feet on many things as well. Adalyn is more cautious and tends to pull herself up to what she can easily get down from otherwise she gets very scared. We are not walking yet, but doing better and better with standing with just one hand held and walking with both hands held. They are currently fighting colds and doing great.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rock & Roll

Wow! What a difference a year has made. At this time last year I was on bed rest at Spectrum and we, along with so many others, were fervently praying that I stay pregnant and that the Lord prepare our twinners for birth. Now, 11 months later, we are celebrating our little miracles and praising God daily for how far they have come. We continue to pray for them daily but our prayers are different this year. Now we are praying for their continued health, growth and development and blessing God for the beautiful twins he has entrusted us with. At 11 months old Adalyn is 18lbs 15oz and Emma is 18lbs 7.5oz. They are doing great! They both sit up 100% on their own like champs with no problems. The are getting up on all four and rocking back and fourth. Emma gets pretty excited about it and rocks so fast that she move backwards, which ultimately frustrates her but cracks Dave & I up. Adalyn likes to practice her rocking in secret in her crib when she is supposed to be sleeping, stinker! The girls are rolling machines and are getting into everything they can. To be completely honest, I was surprised they are gaining weight because they never stop moving! They are trying to get into everything and they cannot even crawl yet :) They LOVE their super saucers (or exersaucers as some call them) and nearly tip them over they get jumping and rocking so hard. EVERYTHING in their reach ends up in their mouth so we have to really watch what is around them. They are tons of fun and have amazing little personalities filled with all sorts of girlie drama :) Here are some pictures of the girls from the past month.

Adalyn & Emma sporting their Maroon Platoon gear & showing each other a little love
Adalyn & Emma at 10 months with their cousins Hudson & Tressa Lamar
Adalyn & Emma at 10 months
The happy family :)
Adalyn & Emma 11 months old
Adalyn 11 months sound asleep in her super saucer after a busy day

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Official 9 month update

Adalyn & Emma are doing great. They had their 9 month appointment today with Dr. G and he is pleased with how they are doing. Adalyn is 17lbs 15oz (26th percentile) and 26.5 inches (11th percentile). Emma is 17lbs 5oz (17th percentile) and 26 inches (5th percentile). So we definitely do not have a of couple giants on our hands, but they are on the growth chart and Dr. G is not concerned that they are short right now. Looks like they will not have to worry about being taller than boys when they start dating someday (probably when they are 30 if Dave has his way). In terms of their development they are rolling (although mostly just from front to back unless the are in their cribs then they roll every which way), sitting supported and unsupported if they are on your lap or at your eye level (they tip over if they have to look up at you), scooting on their stomach and back (not if they are by eachother, then they stay put, so if we want to see them move we have to seperate them and they will scoot towards eachother), standing while holding fingers, jumping while holding fingers or in their super saucers, they love to babble mostly oooo's, ahhhhh's, lots of goos gaaas geees, some ha ha has and recently a lot of da da da das. They also like to do raspberries especially when they have food in their mouths. EVERYTHING they get their hands on ends up in their mouths so we have to keep an eye on what is around them. They chew chew chew on everything, but so far no signs of teeth. They both recently got over ear infections. We are having lots of fun with them. They continue to be good babies and provide us with lots of joy. We praise God for how far they have come. One of our favorite things is how much the girls seem to love eachother. They smile so nice at eachother, talk, and fuss and cry when the other is not near.

Please continue to pray with us that they girls continue to grow and develope well and that God continues to keep them healthy. Also, due to the ear infection Adalyn has not been taking her bottles well so please join us in praying that she begins to eat well again and enjoys it. Oh and one last thing...Dr. G also took them off their preemie formula...woo hoo! So once we are done with what we have at home they will be switching to Enfamil!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

9 months

Some pictures for your viewing pleasure :)

Adalyn: "Is orange my color?"

Emma: "What do you mean I have something on my face?"

Emma: "Does this hat make my head look big?"

Adalyn: "No Emma, you look purtty like me in grampa's hat"

Twinners: "What is daddy doing?

The girls continue to do great. They have their 9 month physical on Tuesday so we will try post an update soon after that with some more recent information.